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The Training Institute for Medical Emergencies
and Rescue

Timer was started in 1980 by Monte Posner as a loosely knit group of REMSCO Instructors before NYS started its official instructor curculum. Some taught on Staten Island, while others taught in southern Brooklyn.


As the kinks were worked out of the system, a group of knowledgeable senior instructors emerged known as TIMER. During the next six years, there was an influx of EMT's who tried their hand at teaching; most left. Some of the long-term instructors that started out with us in 1980 left to follow other paths.

In 1986 that all changed. TIMER, now with Monte as Executive Director, was granted Authorized Sponsor Status by the NYS DOH, BEMS. As Senior REMSCO Instructors were grandfathered in as State Instructors, TIMER began teaching NYS EMT Courses in Brooklyn on its own.

In 1989 - 1990, the school moved to Staten Island at The St. Vincents Catholic Medical Centers, Bayley Seton Hospital Campus. With Monte now a NYS DOH Regional Faculty member, a knowledgeable cadre of instructors were built, and TIMER branched out teaching other topics in emergency medicine and pre-hospital care. We remained at Bayley Seton Hospital until its planned closing in 2004. In January of '04, the Institute moved to South Beach Psychiatric Center. Starting in September 2016 we will commence operations at our new location at OAKWOOD HEIGHTS COMMUNITY CHURCH 345 Guyon Ave, Staten Island, NY 10306 in the old Oakwood Heights Nursery School Building.




Our Staff has a wide and varied background and in addition to operating as NYS Certified EMT's, Paramedics, and Military Corpsman..
Many are trained or hold certifications as Instructors or Instructor Trainers as:
Tactical EMT's (CONTOMS, NYPD & DOJ), COBRA/CBRNE Certified,
Haz-Mat Technicians & Command Operations (NYSP, NJSP & EPA),
Disaster Managers (SEMO, OEM), Weapons of Mass Destruction (NYSP, DOJ/DOD, DHS),
Rescue Divers, & High Angle/Confined Space Rescue and Extrication & Heavy Rescue.
We provide setup and evaluations for:
Disaster Drills, Clinical Evaluations, Haz-Mat Situations and Weapons of Mass Destruction Scenarios.
The Instructors have been certified to teach EMS Programs by the New York State Dept of Health.

Specialty Instructors have been certified by their respective agencies.
Those EMT's not yet certified to teach instruct under a licensed CLI until approved by NYS DOH, BEMS.

All Skill Sessions are supervised by Senior Instructor/Coordinators (CIC).
Both directors are NYS EMS Regional Faculty members.

We support a staff of 50+ Instructors to give the utmost attention to our programs and students.
We also have developed an Internship Program to train NYS EMT's to become State Certified Instructors.
All you need is Dedication, Time, Effort & maintain an 85% or better on the NYS Certification Exams.


Courses offered by TIMER:


  • NYS EMS Courses
    CFR Course
    CFR Refresher
    EMT-B Original
    EMT-B Refresher
  • NYS EMS Continuing Education
    NYS Point Reduction Class
    Haz-Mat Awareness
    PEPP (Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals)
    GEMS (Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services)
  • AHA Courses
    All CPR Classes
    AHA Instructor
  • Additional Courses
    CISM Courses
    Albuterol Training
    Vehicle Extrication
    REMSCO Continuing Education
    REMSCO Updates
  • Advanced Classes
    Hazardous Materials
    Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Introduction to Terrorism
    Tactical Medicine
  • FEMA Courses
  • CERT Training
  • Instructor Internship Program
  • National Registry Testing Site


  • Advanced Courses REQUIRE
    ID Documentation & Agency Authorization

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