We all have a first aid kit at our homes. It’s more or less always a plastic box typically containing band-aids, crepe roll bandages, safety pins, tweezers, gauze dressings, pain medication, a disinfectant, and ointments. However, in this blog, we won’t be sharing how to arrange your first aid kit or what to have in there. First aid is something that goes way beyond the contents of your medical box.

With the pandemic coercing home quarantine and social distancing measures, one crucial thing that came to light was the lack of access to emergency medical services. Falls, accidental poisoning and burns are a few that fall under the most common household medical emergencies.

Additionally, if you stay with a family member at risk of heart diseases or strokes, seeking immediate medical assistance is quite not possible. Even the “most immediate” medical assistance will probably take a few minutes to show up at your door.

Registering for certified Staten Island, NY, emergency courses is something that can truly benefit all. Apart from the professional value, it teaches us valuable lifesaving skills and survival tactics to take care of our loved ones and ourselves at times of dismay. Yet, it is often overlooked by families while creating a vulnerable dependency.


Whether you are a parent or a guardian responsible for someone’s care, the safety of your loved one under your supervision is of prime importance to you. If an emergency occurs, you are the first person they will be relying on, even before an expert professional.

Knowing first aid and CPR training can truly make a difference in those sudden emergencies. It helps you make the most of the situation while giving you more minutes until the victim gets professional medical care.

Another important thing is that no one knows your house better than you. A training in emergency courses can help you make the best decision with items you have lying around at your place, which you could never count on or think of as medical assistance.

An interesting piece of news to mention here would be the case of a 7-month old in the Alkimos beach, Australia, that happened in 2020. The baby suddenly started choking, which made his mother go all frantic. Had it not been for Brett (a nearby stranger), an employee at Landlease sales office of the Alkimos beach, to give emergency assistance, the baby wouldn’t have survived.

Here are a few more reasons why parents and caregivers must opt for CPR training and emergency courses:

  • Begin CPR at the time of emergency before the ambulance arrives for faster recovery
  • Taking control of the hazards to prevent dangerous and life-threatening situations
  • To be equipped with a skill that ensures complete safety of your children and family
  • Having a peace of mind with the knowledge of vital lifesaving skills regardless of your location

If you are someone who has been planning to register for an emergency course to serve as a certified EMT professional for a while, our course applications across Staten Island, NY, are ready to accept new applications for our 2022 class. Sign up for our expert-guided comprehensive training program to kickstart your medical career.